Children’s Dentistry In Toledo

Serving Our Pediatric Patients at Our Dental Office in Sylvania, Ohio

Children’s dentistry Sylvania, OH

Choosing a children’s dentist is one of the most important decisions a parent makes. Selecting the right dentist for your child will make all the difference in how they take care of their teeth, as well as how they respond to future dentist visits. An experienced children’s dentist knows how to calm nervous children and parents, while educating the whole family on proper preventive care.

At Dental Health Associates, our staff takes pride in the way we work with children. Three of our Sylvania doctors have young children of their own and two of the doctors have grandchildren whom we see in the office. All of our staff members take extra care, making sure to use a gentle touch with all our younger patients. As a children’s dentistry in Sylvania we always carefully explain to you what is going on with your child’s dental care and also answer any questions that you or your child may have about any of our dental procedures or the process involved. We will sometimes use nitrous oxide to reduce anxiety about any necessary treatment, with parental approval. We also carefully show and tell each child what is happening during the visit, to be sure that we reduce anxiety. For children that do have cavities, most of the time they can be treated with the Solea. So no shot, so no numb lip, no numb tongue, no fear of the needle, no pain, and they can eat and drink afterwards. We will talk with parents about their child’s normal tooth development and assess the need for interventions such as orthodontics.

In addition to preventive care, teeth cleaning and education, our dentists and staff can help with:

  • Sports mouth guards
  • Breaking habits such as thumb sucking and pacifiers
  • Teething
  • Cavities
  • Braces
  • Tooth or mouth problems associated with diabetes, asthma or other chronic illnesses
  • Broken teeth or other dental injuries

Our Sylvania’s Children’s dentistry is among our passions at Dental Health Associates. We have many parents who tell us their kids want to come to the dentist because the experience is not only positive, it is fun! We have a nice play area in the office and make sure the kids get prizes and stickers at each visit. Call our Sylvania office today.