Full Mouth Reconstruction In Toledo

At Our Dental Office in Sylvania

At Dental Health Associates, we have experience treating even the most complex needs of our patients. Some of our patients have lost or damaged all (or nearly all) of their teeth and need a treatment known as full mouth reconstruction. This term describes the process of replacing or rebuilding all of the teeth in the upper and lower jaws through a combination of restorative dentistry treatments.

Who Needs Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Individuals that may need full mouth reconstruction have:

  • Severely injured or fractured teeth
  • Severely worn teeth
  • Missing teeth due to dental disease, decay or trauma
  • Problems with the bite that are causing jaw, muscle or head pain

The Treatment Process

Prior to beginning any treatment, our team meets with every patient on a one-on-one basis to discuss the patient’s specific needs and goals of treatment. A thorough examination is performed to identify the areas of concern, and a comprehensive, step-by-step treatment plan is discussed.

Based on the patient, the treatment plan may include any combination of the following:

  • Dental crowns to cover and protect fractured or broken teeth
  • Dental implants to permanently replace missing teeth
  • Dental bridges to close gaps left by missing teeth
  • Periodontal treatment to treat excessive or insufficient gum tissue
  • Orthodontic treatment to correct problems with the bite

Depending on the extent of the treatment plan, these services may be performed in separate stages, or combined into a single appointment

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