CEREC System For Tooth Restoration In Toledo

At Our Dental Office in Sylvania

Broken or missing teeth can not only lead to embarrassment but also cause additional health problems. Repairing broken teeth or replacing missing teeth can help you avoid infection or even more serious health problems. Many people avoid dealing with such problems due to fear or because they are nervous about going to the dentist. But at Dental Health Associates of Sylvania, we have new technologies that will address these problems in one day, comfortably and in a relaxed atmosphere.

Dental Health Associates uses the CEREC System for tooth restoration. It is a computerized, state-of-the-art system that uses 3D photography and computer-aided technologies to create metal-free, all-ceramic tooth restorations. With the CEREC technology, our technicians are able to provide same-day service for porcelain tooth restorations. Same day tooth restorations can include dental crowns, inlays, onlays, and veneers.

The CEREC process chemically bonds the ceramic material to your tooth, ultimately saving as much healthy tooth as possible. The pressed ceramic material provides the same hardness and look of human enamel, and it is made to last a lifetime. In fact, CEREC tooth restorations can actually add strength to your tooth! Best of all, we can make it unique to you with special characterization, custom staining, and glazing to make sure it matches the rest of your teeth. The process is easier and faster than traditional fillings, crowns or veneers. Most are completed in just one appointment.

Here are some benefits to receiving a CEREC restoration:

  • A natural looking filling
  • A quick, one-time appointment
  • A healthier, metal-free filling
  • No ill-fitting temporaries
  • A restoration that matches the color and size of your existing teeth
  • A durable restoration with strong material

CEREC Treatment Details

Once our dentist determines that a CEREC same-day restoration is the appropriate treatment, the tooth receiving the restoration and the area surrounding that tooth are anesthetized and prepared. A digital impression is taken of the tooth and surrounding area, and the information is processed through the CEREC software, which creates a virtual model of the tooth. The restoration is designed based on this information.

The restoration’s design is then sent electronically to the milling unit of the CEREC machine. The restoration is milled from a block of high-quality porcelain or composite to the exact specifications of the design. The milling process takes about 20 minutes, all while the patient waits. After the restoration has been fabricated, it is buffed or polished for a translucence similar to natural tooth enamel. The restoration is then placed over the tooth and bonded into place with a strong dental adhesive. Any last-minute adjustments are made for fit or comfort.
The entire process can take as little as 90 to 120 minutes. This is convenient for anyone that desires high-quality tooth restorations in a single convenient appointment. The same-day restoration process also eliminates the need for problematic or loose temporaries.

Our dentist explains how to care for the new CEREC restoration. Most can be brushed and flossed normally, and should be checked by a professional at least once a year. To preserve the integrity of the restoration, patients should avoid biting or chewing hard items like nut shells, bones and ice.

We want to make your visit here at Dental Health Associates a pleasant one. Our CEREC tooth restorations involve fewer injections, less drilling, immediate results, and most importantly, less time away from your busy life! We know your smile is important to you, so let us make it the best it can be! Schedule a consultation by calling our Sylvania office today!